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Frequently asked questions

Here are our most frequently ask questions that are often asked by our clients.

Unfortunately not. You must meet the eligibility criteria and also minimum time interval between examinations. To find out if you're eligible for an NHS funded sight test or help towards the cost of spectacles follow the link here: If you are a recipient of any of the named benefits, we ask that you please bring the most recent award letter to your appointment.

You can book an appointment in person at the practice, by calling the practice on 02088041509 or online. At the time of writing this we were still working on our online diary which should be up and running soon.

Yes indeed. All of our optometrists are highly experienced and have attended a credited university. They are all registered with the general optical council and are extremely qualified to conduct a thorough eye examination.

Provided the frame is sturdy and of a good quality we will happily glaze it. It will be at the patients own risk however.

Unfortunately accidents are common and are not covered by warranties unless you have purchased the two year no quibble lens scratch guarantee or have your own insurance. However don’t panic as there may be a low cost solution. In many cases we can repair the frame or put the undamaged spectacle lenses into a new frame at a fraction of the original cost.

There is no need to register in advance. When your next examination is due or if you are having symptoms you can simply book an appointment and we will automatically register you.

This will vary depending on the person and the symptoms that they are having. An elderly person suffering with eye disease will likely take longer to examine than a young person who has no symptoms. On average an examination will take around 25 to 30 minutes. In some cases where more time is required than this, we may need to invite you back for a second follow up appointment.

The majority of our patients are delighted with their choice of spectacles and vision. This is because we take the time to ensure that the prescription is accurate and patient is happy with their choice of spectacles and that they are manufactured to the highest quality control measures. We work on the philosophy that it is better to take more time earlier on than have to spend time trying to fix a problem because it was rushed or not explained properly. Having said that there will always be cases where there are adaptation problems with spectacles. Especially in the case of varifocal wearers and those where there have been large changes in prescription. In this case we would request that you book in to see us so we can determine why you are struggling with them. In some cases this may involve a simple frame adjustment. In other cases it may be that you need a different type of spectacle lens or a slightly modified prescription. If we still cannot resolve the issue with your spectacles you can ask for a refund provided it is within a reasonable period of time (Maximum 90 days) We are unable to issue a refund where the spectacles have been damaged in an accident or lost.

Since the bicycle lanes were put up several years ago we no longer have off street parking available. There is however free parking on the side streets and turkey street car park which are only minutes walk away.

Yes of course. We are registered with Primary eye care services which is an NHS funded service and provides urgent eye care and minor eye conditions services. Please see "" for further information. You can also call us for information or to make an appointment. We will help manage your condition or refer you onto secondary care.